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Modern European technologies

For many years of work, WASHERCAR has established itself as a manufacturer that is 3 years ahead of the self-service car wash market. We use only the most modern and reliable technologies. Our software is unparalleled. Open a self-service car wash with WASHERCAR equipment – open a non-competitive car wash for at least three years.


  • integrated bank payment for vending in Ukraine
  • launched an application for self-service car washes
  • made online monitoring of self-service car wash
  • made a call to the operator on the pager
  • launched a system of lol
  • created a unique data protection system
Modern European technologies
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Contactless liquid technology

Advantages are in the possibility of work without boiler equipment (suitable for warm regions), osmotic system and softeners this system has a wider choice of chemicals for washing programs in comparison with other technologies.

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Advantages: it is a- faster, more productive and high-quality washing technology. Suitable for cold regions. It simultaneously applies temperature, hydraulic and chemical influences, allows to easily, qualitatively and quickly wash any dirty car without harming its paint and varnish coating.

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Contactless mixed technology

Unique hybrid technology "all in one" combines powder and liquid technologies. It simultaneously supplies premixed chemical solutions. One switching allows you to choose beteween two technologies. You get the benefits of both technologies on one equipment unit. Allows you to offer a wider range of wash services.

Washers WASHERCAR are equipped with programs



Car is washed by a cold water jet under high pressure of 130 bar. It is applied for washingof the remains of dirt, foam and other detergents away from a car body.


Car is washed by a warm water jet at temperature of 30° C under high pressure of 130 bar. It is used to wash heavy contaminants away. It is an irreplaceable means for ice coverings removal during winter season, and as a step for further chem cleaning preparation.


Car is washed through applying various active foam chemicals on a car body. In this case the car body is covered with a thick foam layer. It is an important phase in the car body cleaning. Foam helps to maintain a work solution on the vertical surfaces of the car.


Car is washed by a jet of cold water under high pressure of 130 bar with the use of an active shampoo solution. This soft chemistry contains no alkalies, so it could be used during contact car’s wash.


Car is washed by by a jet of water under pressure of 30 bar with the use of a highly effective means for bug remains removing. It is an active use during summer season


Car is washed by a jet of cold demineralized water under high pressure of 130 bar. It is used to rinse car body leaving no stains. In case if osmosis was used, there is no need towipe your car.


Car is washed by a jet of cold water under high pressure of 130 bar with the addition of polymeric wax. It is wsed to protect car's paint and varnish coating. A car body covered with wax repulses water and dirt.


Car is washed by a jet of water under pressure of 30 bar with high concentration of active chemicals whichsoften the dirt on the varnished car surfaces. It is used for car body preparation to foam applying.


Car is washed by applying active chemicals as a "Premium" foam. In this case the car body is covered with a foam layer. Used to eliminate tough contaminations. The increased concentration softens though contaminations on the varnished car surface.


Car is washed by a jet of water under pressure of 170 bar. It is used for wheels washing and for heavy dirt eliminating.


Car is washed by a jet of cold water under high pressure of 130 bar with the addition of a hydro varnishing (a special sort of wax). It leaves no breaks, intenses a car body color.


Car is washed by a jet of water under pressure of 5 bar with highly concentrated active chemicals applied by a brush of natural pile. It is a contact method for delicate dirt and bug remains removal, and for wheels washing.


The discs are washed by a water jet under pressure of 5 bar with the addition of high concentration of active chemicals that remove oxidations and bitumen contaminations from alloy discs.

Application steps

Fast and convenient


Scan QR or select a car wash on the map

Each car wash has its own account, select the self-service car wash where you will use the application


Log in to the mobile app

Authorization is carried out using a phone number and an SMS confirmation code


Top up your APPLEPAY or GPAY balance

Top up your balance and get a bonus for the first registration


Scan the QR code

Transfer the amount you plan to use for car wash


Start washing your car

If the funds have run out, you can transfer the necessary amount to the washing post


Pick up change

If you have money left at the washing post, you can use the function of returning the change to the application.


Invite a friend and get a bonus

Send an invitation to a friend and get a bonus for registering a friend


Increase your bonus percentage

Use the app every time you wash your car and increase your loyalty bonus

Fast and convenient

Washers WASHERCAR are equipped with programs

Monitoring and accounting

Финансовый онлайн мониторинг

Statement of receipt of funds

Is all information available online? You see receipts of all types of payment payment. That allows you to understand the current situation at the self-service car wash.

Payment Methods:

Display of the amount of occupancy

Thanks to our service, you can understand how full the payment devices are and the need for collection

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Финансовый онлайн мониторинг

Robotic car wash statistics from washercar

Robotic car wash statistics from washercar


Using this report, you can understand the workload of the self-service car wash by hours and days of the week, which will allow you to correctly set up the loyalty system and distribute the flow. With this work, you will get a uniform flow and hello to new customers.


Collection data

This report will allow you to see online when the collection was carried out and how much money was received from each device. Thus, you can entrust the collection to a third party or a collection organization.


Detailed statistics

You can carry out almost any analysis, build a portrait of the target audience, and so on. what programs they use, how much time they spend, the average check and much more


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    Accounting for the number of serviced vehicles;
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    Schedules of visits in on-line mode;
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    Average checks now or for the period.

Remote management capabilities and export

Remote control

You can manage your self-service car wash business from anywhere in the world, all you need is internet access. Carry out various settings and manage car wash programs


All data can be exported to 1s or Excel. Data export allows you to fatten up the possibilities of analysis even more or to integrate into your own accounting system

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    Setting up promotions and setting "happy hours";
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    Possibility to change other settings of control modules;
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    Changing the prices of washing programs;
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    Changes in the dosage of autochemistry.
Remote management capabilities and export

Technical monitoring

Technical monitoring


  • notification about consumptionlevel (the necessity of refill)
  • refill notification
  • cost and additions statistics



  • notification of a critical temperature fall
  • absence of liquid notification

Pressure information is very important for understanding the condition of the equipment and the need for its maintenance.

  • water input
  • water main from buffer capacity
  • osmosis main from buffer capacity
  • warm water main from buffer capacity
  • heat insulated flooring
  • antifrost
  • notification of critical pressure level


CENTRAL PAYMENT TERMINAL CPT WASHERCAR Is the basis of the CRM WASHERCAR payment system. Thanks to the CPT WASHERCAR terminal, you get a new payment system with special functionality and many privileges for your car wash customers.


1. Anti-vandal built-in stainless steel case, equipped with climate control and secure lock
2. PC on OC Linux
3. Anti-vandal touch panel for operation in all seasons (water, winter, gloves)
4. Monitor FullHD 22” with increased brightness
5. Payment system

  • bill acceptor ITL NV9-USB
  • Alberici coin acceptor (optional)
  • acceptance of contactless NFC client cards (Mifare)
  • acceptance of bank cards VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO
  • PAY PASS, WasherCAR CRM Clients smartphone app
  • the possibility of electronic fiscalization

6. QR code scanner works with smartphone app (WasherCAR CRM Clients)



A cleint’s personal card with a unique secured ID, so customer gets an account in the cloud-based PAYCar CRM system, a multi-level discount system, a bonuses system, and becomes a regular customer of your self-service car wash. Keeping a personalized customer’s card is an international practice.


  • Ability to create an account in the cloud-based PAYCar CRM system
  • To refill the account balance for any amount via terminals
  • Access to a multi-level discount system
  • Using the bonuses from a multi-level discount system
  • Safe money storage (card hacking is technically impossible)
  • Taking the rest of your money back after washing


1. CLOUD SYSTEM A WASHERCAR CRM is a flexible reliable tool for effective marketing, management and customer service.
2. Customer base (personified)
– number of clients
3. State of your clients’ accounts
– amount (or discount) available
– amount funds spent
– self-service car wash usage statistics
4. Multi-level discount system allows you
– to attract new clients
– to implement a multi-level system of discounts and bonuses, what makes your regular customers more loyal to your car wash
– to provide your clients with modern services, thereby contributing to your leadership in the self-service car washes market
5. Possibility to inform your customer about upcoming promotions
– allows you to send your client notifications about promotions and discounts via the PAYCAR mobile application



1. Anti-vandal case made of stainless steel, equipped with climate control and “Spider” system lock
2. Anti-vandal touch panel for operation at any time of the year (water, winter, gloves)
3. Full HD 22″ monitor with increased brightness and wide viewing angle
• bill acceptor NV9-USB
• Alberici coin acceptor (optional)
• acceptance of contactless customer cards
5. Industrial computer on OC Linux, WasherCAR control controller
6. Climate control system


1. Shows multimedia files: advertisements, your promotions, instructions
2. New premium interactive menu.


Fiscalization at a self-service car wash

Fiscalization at a self-service car wash

We developed software fiscalization and launched it at all self-service car washes


  • Electronic checks (no paper costs)
  • Automatically generated reports to the tax office
  • Automatic shift opening and closing
  • One fiscalizer for all devices
  • Not high maintenance cost


  • WASHERCAR equipment
  • Any vending equipment with a payment system through PULSE

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    Self-service car wash technologies – WASHERCAR

    Self-service car wash technologies – WASHERCAR

    Over the years in the self-service car wash business, WASHERCAR has proven many technologies first-hand.

    What chemicals to use at a self-service car wash? Powder VS Liquid

    At the initial stage of the appearance of self-service car washes, chemistry was used in the form of a powder – this gave an advantage in the transportation of chemistry and its storage, but powder chemistry has a number of disadvantages, both its cost and method of use. For powder chemistry, a special expensive and capricious maintenance installation “Foam Generator” is required, where the powder is poured and prepared with warm water.
    Over time, liquid chemistry replaced powder chemistry in many respects: such chemistry is much cheaper and easier to use. This car chemistry showed higher performance when washing a car and working with mud deposits on a car.

    Foam supply, with or without air?

    The supply of foam with air and through a foam tablet are such different technologies and at the same time very similar.
    The supply of foam with air allows you to reduce the consumption of chemicals, due to mixing with air, the foam cap is larger at a lower dosage, but the washing effect of this is reduced because such a foam cap is too airy and does not work tightly with mud deposits. Also, when using this technology, it is necessary to use a foam gun without a trigger, which means that as soon as you press the “FOAM” program, liquid starts to flow from the gun and can get on your clothes. The time spent on applying such foam is much longer, and the foam is applied unevenly, which also does not attract the visitor to the sink.
    The foam tablet is our choice, thanks to the correct setting of the electronic dosing, you will not overuse the car shampoo, and the foam will be applied evenly with a thick foam cap. This technology is more efficient and shows excellent results.

    Self-service car wash payment systems

    At WASHERCAR car washes you can pay using various payment methods:

    • Banknotes
    • Coins/tokens
    • Discount cards
    • Bank cards
    • Mobile app

    In recent years, non-cash payments have become the most popular, many are moving away from carrying cash. It is convenient when you can pay for everything by phone and through a mobile application for self-service car washes and through PAY PASS.

    Single pump or double pump system?

    WASHERCAR, like all global manufacturers, uses a single pump solution. When you have two pumps, then you service two pumps, change the oil and rem. kits. – so your service becomes X2. When working on one pump, your washing cycle ends on the “water” or “osmotic water” program, respectively, the pump is waiting for the next client; it is filled with water; otherwise, one of the pumps is always filled with detergent, which corrodes the body and cuffs of the pump, which reduces the service life and increases maintenance costs, while the other pump always works only with water and there remains a water stone (plaque) that should remove alkali in car chemicals, but it is in another pump and corrodes it, to extend the service life, it is recommended to change pumps every 3 months , which is just as inconvenient and stops work.

    A supporter of two pumps will say that when working with one pump, there can be a throw-up (when there can be a spit of foam during the “water” program) and they will be right if the equipment and self-service car wash technology do not work properly, but WASHERCAR, thanks to its experience and software solved this issue a long time ago.

    Physicalization at a self-service car wash

    In many countries, it is mandatory to issue a check at a self-service car wash, since WASHERCAR is an international company, we have long worked out this process in different countries and are ready to launch it at your self-service car wash. It can be either a software PPO or a physical device with the issuance of checks.
    Of course, programmatic fiscalization has a huge number of advantages, but not many countries have implemented this service.

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