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Mobile app

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PAYCAR mobile application

Mobile application for self-service car washes from Washercar is a unique development that allows you to communicate with your customers and directly influence profits. Using this tool, you can attract new customers, hold promotions, congratulate customers on the holidays and all of course to increase your profits.

By sending an informational PUSH notification to your customers, you can increase car wash attendance by at least 20%. You can conduct an analysis of customers who have not visited you for a long time and conduct a promotion that will attract customers.

Detailed statistics and customer information is displayed in the personal online monitoring cabinet of VDC WasherCAR

More about monitoring

Stop carrying plastic


A modern application for self-service car wash PayCAR. Allows contactless replenishment of the balance of any post, participation in the loyalty system and not carrying a discount card

  • Replenishment of APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY balance
  • Individual loyalty system
  • Get directions to the nearest car wash
  • PUSH notifications to clients
  • Sale of additional services through the application
  • No need to restore cards
  • No costs for purchasing discount cards
  • Can’t be copied or hacked

Stages of work with the application

Fast and convenient


Scan QR or choose a car wash on the map

Each car wash has its own account, select the self-service car wash where you will use the application


Log in to the mobile application

Authorization is by phone number and SMS confirmation code


Top up your APPLEPAY or GPAY balance

Top up your balance and receive a bonus for the first registration


Scan the QR code

Transfer the amount you plan to use to the car wash


Start washing the car

If you have run out of money, you can transfer the required amount to the car wash


Take delivery

If you still have money left at the car wash, you can use the return service to the app


Invite another and get a bonus

Send an invitation to a friend and get a bonus for registering a friend


Increase the bonus percentage

Use the app every time to wash the car and increase the loyalty bonus

Fast and convenient

Bonus for registration

Install the application and get a bonus for the first car wash

Top up from your phone
and translate to post
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Multilevel discount system

Our clients get the most

Multilevel discount system

Action “Wash more often”

Get a bonus for every 3rd, 4th and 5th car wash during the month

Terms of action:

  • During the calendar month, wash the car 3 times using a mobile application
  • Each wash check must be at least 2 EUR
  • Automatically get a bonus to your PAYCar account

3rd wash + 20 bonuses
4th wash + 30 bonuses
5th wash + 40 bonuses

Multilevel discount system 2

Loyalty system

More points = more bonus percentage

Terms of action:

  • Replenish the balance and transfer to the washing post through the PAYCar mobile application
  • Points ((0.03 EUR – 1 point)
  • Increase your personal discount percentage.

Discount at the time of registration with the application – 2%, then the percentage automatically changes, depending on the number of points.

od 2 do 2 %
od 4 do 3 %
od 8 do 4 %
od 14 do 5 %
od 20 do 6 %
od 32 do 7 %
od 40 do 8 %
od 60 do 9 %
od 80 do 10 %


Multilevel discount system 3
Multilevel discount system 4


Replenish the balance of the mobile application and get additional bonuses

Terms of action:

  • Top up the balance of the PAYCar mobile application from the sums indicated below
  • Get a bonus to your PAYCar account

* Bonus according to the loyalty system – there are

from 2.5 EUR – 10 bonuses
from 3.5 EUR – 15 bonuses
from 7 EUR – 40 bonuses
from 17 EUR – 125 bonuses

Invite a friend

Invite friends and get 50 bonuses.

When a new user installs the PAYCar self-service car wash application and enters the invitation code, both of you will receive 50 bonuses to your account

Terms of action:

  • To share the protocol, you need to replenish the balance by 3 EUR
  • To use the protocol and get a bonus, you need to replenish the balance by 3 EUR
  • You can only invite 5 friends
Multilevel discount system 5
Multilevel discount system 6

Flavored coffee

Buy coffee through a mobile app?

Natural coffee without a seller

Connect the coffee machine to our terminal and get a loyalty system, all types of payments, online monitoring and expand your options.

Your data is protected

Data protection

You can be sure that your data is safe

icon 1

The data is stored on WASHERCAR servers, with limited access

icon 2

Personal account linked to your phone number

icon 3

Your data is backed up in three different locations

icon 4

Does not provide APPLEPAY and GPAY bank card details

icon 5

Top up with the amount you plan to spend

icon 6

Your phone with your password and only you have access

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    PAYCAR - Mobile application for self-service car wash

    PAYCAR - Mobile application for self-service car wash

    WASHERCAR is a company that is distinguished by the most modern technologies and in 2017 we launched the first mobile application for a self-service car wash PAYCar. We had a ready product to go into a time when no one carries around a bunch of discount cards. After two years of using PAYCAR, we collected all the feedback and released PAYCAR v 2.0 – a modern new product that immediately became popular among self-service car wash customers.

    During modern technologies, people have moved away from using cash, wearing discount and bank cards. Everyone uses a mobile phone that is always with you.

    Your loyalty system and bonus account are always with you

    Benefits of a mobile application for self-service car washes?

    • Increase sales (mobile apps sell and convert more).
    • Increase the average check (due to promotions and loyalty systems).
    • Increase repeat visits (spend bonuses).
    • Increase customer loyalty (personal discounts).
    • Direct communication with the client (SMS, PUSH).
    • Audience analysis, detailed statistics, CRM

    PAYCar car wash mobile application is a unique development from WASHERCAR

    PAYCAR is:

    • step loyalty system;
    • ready business car wash management tool;
    • direct communication with self-service car wash customers.

    The total number of users of the PAYCar bonus system is more than 200,000 customers.

    Users of the self-service car wash application – 87,000 customers.

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