Basic equipment

Equipment kit BASE


Equipment kit BASE

Control: WasherCAR PULSE
Types of payment: banknotes, discount cards
PAYPASS payment: not possible
Frame: BASE (profile)
Number of dispensers: 3
Osmosis system:optional
Monitoring: Optional
Frequency regulation: optional

Equipment Kit Pro+


Equipment Kit Pro+

Control: Smart PC
Display: LED
Types of payment: banknotes, discount cards
PAYPASS payment: not possible
Frame: Pro+
Number of dispensers: 4
Osmosis system: included
Monitoring: included
Frequency regulation: included

Basic set of equipment for self-service car wash

Basic set of equipment for self-service car wash

At WasherCAR, you can buy car wash equipment based on your needs.

We offer full consultation on all issues: a typical self-service car wash project, modern car wash equipment and metal structures.

Each set of self-service car wash equipment has a high quality standard.

How much does self-service car wash equipment cost?

Prices for car wash equipment depend on the kit you choose and a number of additional options.

Pro + is a professional self-service car wash equipment that immediately includes everything you need to work in a highly competitive environment. Based on our many years of experience in the self-service car wash business, we know exactly which washing programs and main components to use.

BASE – a set of equipment for car washing with the minimum required set of programs. Such kits are installed in small towns and allow you to be both within the budget and competition.

Any car wash from the WASHERCAR company is unique and the complete set of both the main and additional equipment, which is selected individually. We always analyze the location, the presence of competitors and their equipment. Based on the data received, we will be able to select the set of equipment for washing cars that will allow you to be more attractive against competitors for at least 3 years, which is more than the payback of the project itself. Then you can always upgrade your car wash and still remain the market leader.

Over a decade of work in the car wash and self-service business, we have tried almost all manufacturers of components and have long formed a list of the highest quality and most reliable suppliers, which, together with our electronics and software, allows us to create the most modern self-service car washes

Our own software and our own electronics allow us to be as flexible as possible and adapt to the market, which allows us to develop technologies much faster than competitors and outperform the market by an average of 3 years (this is when compared with real manufacturers, and not those who collect sinks in basements and garages) .

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