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Project «PREMIUM» 2 car wash boxes

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"Full construction"


Site finding

It should be an optimally located area connected to all the utility services - e.g. parking, territory of shopping malls, gas stations, sites along the roadway, residential district

Conclusion of a purchase of equipment treaty

Visiting a ready-made self-service car wash. We will walk you through the detailes, explain all the business related subtleties and underlying potential problems. We will analyze your site and assist you in selecting an appropriate equipment set and shed production options consideringthe selected location and budget.

Selection of a professional vendor

А. We are in charge of construction
We cooperate with our partners to build your car wash – all these companies are licensed and specialize in self-service car washes construction.
• adjust the working project for the specific conditions requested by the client;
• we provide technical supervision.
B. We install a shed and a container only
We install our collapsible version of the shed and a technical container on a concrete slab prepared according to our standards. All other work you are doing by yourself.
• we create an individual project;
• we install the shed and technical container;
• we advice the vendor during the preparatory stage and subsequent stages of construction.
C. You are building, yet with our advice
You choose a contractor or you do the construction yourself.
• we do the facility visualization at the location

Equipment installation

Equipment and management modules installation supervision. Individual technical settings.

Getting a franchise "Wash and GO

You get a ready-made MSO advertising project, tested by us on our own experience.

Launching your car wash

Our expertsrun the wash launching in a test mode first

Staff training

We educate our staff, we instruct our self-service operators regarding the standards of service delivery, and the peculiarities of work in winter.

Organizing the supply of chemicals

We regularly supply our own line of active chemicals.

Our advantages

Why are we

Reliable partner

Reliable partner

You get a reliable partner with an extensive experience, and a warranty of further service.



We provide you with a professional advice on all issues

A rich experience

A rich experience

Our experience allows to protectyou from making mistakes, and help you to significantly increase your profits.

Leading positions in the market

Leading positions in the market

With our help you will have a leading position in the market, even in in tough competition conditions.





• development of a work project, binding to the area
• getting approval from the authorities



• division of landwith layout planning (in accordance to the working draft)
• foundation pit digging for futher concrete slab installation and utilities supplying
• stacking layers of sand and rubble with further tamping (depending on soil quality)
• treatment plants drain mounting directly to posts (sump system of 2/3 units)
• laying underground drains and utilities
• casing base a concrete slab (100 mm of concrete)
• structural strengthening
• embedded metal parts mounting (for under metal structures columns)
• a heated floor installation (insulation and primary piping outlining)
• curbstone mounting or formwork
• concrete pouring for slab (slope of 5%) and treatment facilities



• technical container building
• metal constructions installation (shed)
• polycarbonate roof installation
• installation of a partition between posts (banner / polycarbonate)
• mounting of electric lighting
• advertising constructions installation (lightbox, logo)



• installation and connecting of main equipment in a technical container
• mounting of high-pressure hoses for organizing winter works, with the self-regulatory cable
• swivel consoles mounting
• pistol holders and mat clips mounting
• management modules installation
• facility commissioning and launching



• territory marking and landscaping

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Get a turnkey quote

    Turnkey self-service car wash from WASHERCAR

    Turnkey self-service car wash from WASHERCAR

    Cost of opening a turnkey self-service car wash?

    The price of a turnkey self-service car wash may depend on many factors, equipment, metal structures and much more. Your investment should not only pay for itself, but also generate income after the payback period of the self-service car wash. A self-service car wash with 4 posts is a different investment for a city with a population of more than 1,000,000 inhabitants and for a city of 100,000. there was no chance to take your profit

    Self-service car wash building price

    A concrete slab for a self-service car wash must be equipped with underfloor heating and a heating element; in addition to a concrete slab, a cleaning system (water sump) is always considered. From practice, a concrete slab, with the right design and high quality materials, cannot cost less than 4,000 euros per post. The settling system costs an average of 3,000 euros. From this we get the price of a concrete slab for a self-service car wash for 6 posts – 24 thousand (posts) + 4 thousand (for technical premises) + 3 thousand (cleaning system) = 31 thousand euros

    Self-service car wash opening cost

    In addition to the purchase of equipment for self-service car wash and construction, there are the lion’s share of the costs of connecting communications, landscaping, organizing check-in / check-out, and much more. For each land plot for a car wash, it is necessary to calculate individually. And in order for this amount to be reasonable and not sink the project at the initial stage, it is necessary to correctly analyze the site with the WASHERCAR manager.

    Self-service car wash project

    When signing an agreement with WASHERCAR, you will receive a standard self-service car wash project, which will be necessary to coordinate all project documentation. No need to pay for custom car wash project design. You just need to adapt to your site.

    Construction of a self-service car wash on a turnkey basis

    The construction of a self-service car wash begins with the organization of a land plot and obtaining permits. The very first step is to get a 1:500 copy (map of the site with communications), then send the map to your WASHERCAR manager and get a full consultation from our team.

    Turnkey self-service car wash opening calculator

    In order to find out in advance the cost of a turnkey self-service car wash, we have made a construction calculator where you can choose the number of washing posts and options for car wash sheds

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