2 years Average payback period

Why choose us to start a business

About the self-service car wash business

2 years Average payback period


The price of services is several times lower than a conventional hand wash


The client quickly sees the results of his work


No queues means more throughput.

About the self-service car wash business

Self-service car washes are a high-margin business with a low payback period, this business is at the peak of its popularity. Such a business is no longer a novelty and has its own customers, a modern self-service car wash from WasherCAR in the right location is a guaranteed success.

WasherCAR is constantly introducing new technologies and modern developments, professionally combining them with personal experience, because the most important thing for us is a satisfied investor!
Despite the fact that self-service car washes are a fairly new industry, today we are seeing how fast the car wash business is developing. Therefore, for a successful investor, the right step can be a timely investment. While you are in doubt, others are already making money!

car wash receipt

car wash receipt






  • foam
  • wax
  • prewasher


  • water
  • electricity


  • Staff salary
  • taxes
  • admin. expenses
  • Service personnel


based on all costs

About the self-service car wash business

Market occupancy — 15%

You may notice that there are already quite a lot of self-service car washes and they are growing like mushrooms, but this is at first glance, according to our data, the market is only 15% full. When opening a self-service car wash, it is important to take into account the flow of customers, a more profitable location will allow you to attract customers from other car washes. You can meet when two sinks are opposite each other or at a distance of 50 meters – there is already a difference in the equipment supplier and the presence of a marketing system, etc.

On average, one washing post = 10,000 inhabitants of a settlement.

get a full calculation of business profitability

profitability calculator

profitability calculator
Select the number of boxes:
Average monthly profit
16 892 €
12 092 €
Wash payback (months)
4 months
3 months
Average number of cars per day
400 PCS
400 PCS
Average monthly profit
26 892 €
22 092 €
Wash payback (months)
2 months
3 months
Average number of cars per day
500 PCS
500 PCS

Run a self-service car wash franchise Wash and Go and increase your car wash income from 20 %

Run a self-service car wash franchise

Car wash statistics

We have deduced for you the average cost of a self-service car wash. The consumption of chemicals and communications. This information will allow you to correctly draw up a business plan and see the real benefits of a self-service car wash business.

Average monthly cost of self-service car wash with 6 post


2 500 €

Average monthly cost of self-service car wash with 6 post


1 000 €

Average monthly cost of self-service car wash with 6 post


1 200 €

Average monthly cost of self-service car wash with 6 post


800 €

Average monthly cost of self-service car wash with 6 post


200 €

Average foam consumption:


400 kg

Average foam consumption:

1 car:

150 g

Average water consumption:


600 m3

Average water consumption:

1 car:

90 l

Average electricity consumption:


6,000 kW

Number of cars:


6 490 pcs

Number of cars:


240 pcs

Where we run our self-service car washes:

Underground parking

Underground parking

Mall parkings

Mall parkings

Gas station territory

Gas station territory



Production area

Production area


Cold water
Warm water
Bottom washing

Profitability of programs based on the experience of own chain

Cost 1 min.
Cost price 1 min.
Сold water
Warm water

The cost of a minute at a self-service car wash depends on many factors:

  • Dosing system
  • Autochemistry quality
  • Water flow per minute
  • The cost of utilities
  • Condition of washing equipment
  • etc.

WASHERCAR uses an electronic dosing system, which can significantly reduce the cost of a minute at a self-service car wash, thereby increasing your profits and making prices at a self-service car wash competitive.

What type of

land for self-service car wash

land for self-service car wash

What area is needed for a self-service car wash?

The dimensions of the land plot for self-service car wash should be based on the number of posts you want to place there, the washing post is 5 x 6 meters, you must also take into account arrival and departure (with a turning radius). From practice, you can focus on 2 acres of land for one car wash post.

icon 1

Electricity 3 phase 380

icon 2

Designated purpose

icon 3

Main water supply

icon 4

Distance from residential buildings

icon 5

Main water disposal

icon 6

Availability of entrance to the car wash

2 boxes
3 boxes
4 boxes
5 boxes
6 boxes
7 boxes
8 boxes
Electricity (power)
15 kW
20 kW
25 kW
35 kW
50 kW
60 kW
70 kW
Water (month)
200 m3
250 m3
350 m3
450 m3
550 m3
650 m3
750 m3
Land area
500 m2
550 m2
650 m2
750 m2
850 m2
950 m2
1000 m2

7 steps to building a successful business

How to start and how much does it cost?


Selection of an area with all the necessary utility services (water, electricity, drainage system, ideally with access to gas)

We recommend you to clearly define the cost of connection to utility services, as it plays a critical role in the process of area selecting and can take a lion's share of investment. * water well makes the project implementation more expensive, and it may lack necessary bandwidth.


Purchase of a plot or long-term

Long-term lease (for a minimum of 5 years)


To have a signed agreement with the public administration

Linking the project to a land plot (that is a typical project can be completed by WasherCAR for FREE). Project coordination and construction permit obtainment. Receiving technical specifications and facilitation in utilities supply (water, sewage, and electricity supply)


WasherCAR equipment selection

Equipment for 6 posts would approximately cost between €30,00 and €50,000 (depending on the selected equipment).


Construction work

The cost of a metal structure for 6 posts is from 35,000 € (depending on the selected package).


Exterior plot design

Landscaping (asphalt + crushed stone): 10 € per 1 m2.


Equipment installation, a self-service car wash launching

Price for installation of starting-up and adjustment equipment works is €1,600.

How to start and how much does it cost?

About us in numbers

The result of our work speaks for itself. Our experience in the self-service car wash business since 2009, during this period we have built a huge partner network in different parts of the world, all our partners are successful self-service car wash businessmen.

Installed 2000 + Self-service boxes

Launched 120 + Quality car washes

Profitability 67 % For the washing box

Car washes are located в 8 Countries around the world

Self-service car wash business from WASHERCAR

Self-service car wash business from WASHERCAR

Where to place a self-service car wash?

The location of the car wash in this business is important. The sink should be, well, visible from the road. It is necessary to take into account the speed limit and the convenience of arrival, as well as for the exit, it is sometimes necessary to organize an acceleration lane and exit onto the road. Improper organization of check-in and check-out can directly affect the payback period and profit.

Cost of a minute at a self-service car wash

The cost of a minute at a self-service car wash depends on many factors, the fundamental cost of a minute at a self-service car wash and the right set of equipment. WasherCAR will allow you to optimally set up the equipment and guide you by the hand at the initial stage of starting a self-service car wash. Self-service car wash prices – will allow you to work correctly and make a real 65% profit. At self-service car washes, you can’t just charge 20-30% for the cost of a minute, and that’s it, pricing is a little different in this business, our managers will professionally advise you on how to set prices at a self-service car wash and when to change them.

How much does it cost to wash a car at a self-service car wash?

The cost of washing a car at a self-service car wash depends on the season, weather, number of programs and the correct work of the operator at the car wash. All these favors affect the average bill. For example, if the operator does not explain the correct stage of car wash, then the client will use only the FOAM and WATER programs, which is not correct and the client may not be satisfied with the experience of using your self-service car wash. 8 wash programs from WASHERCAR are optimally matched and allow you to perform a high-quality car wash at a car wash and get an average bill higher than that of analogues with 4 and 5 programs.

Profitability of self-service car wash

The profitability of a self-service car wash depends on the initial investment, location and equipment. The minimum investment at the initial stage does not guarantee a quick payback, and even more so, further profit, for example, if you open a car wash with a minimum set of equipment and washing programs and a client starts flowing, then be prepared that a self-service car wash with more modern equipment will open nearby and take profit if you still if you don’t pay back your investments, then increase the payback period by two at once, moreover, your profit may fall by 3 times and in the future you need to make more investments (buy a new set of equipment) in order to be in the market and make a profit. Savings at the initial stage are guaranteed costs in the end.

Average bill at a self-service car wash

The average check for a car wash depends on the location of the car wash itself and the equipment. If a car wash is located in a large city, then its average check will be at least 30% higher. Also, if you have a properly configured loyalty system at a self-service car wash, then your average check will be 20% higher, then additional equipment at a self-service car wash (vacuum cleaners, rubber blackening, windshield washer refueling, dry cleaning, etc.) all this will also raise your average check. In addition to all this, the number of washing programs and what programs are important, here, according to the principle, the more choice in the store, the greater the average check.

How much does a self-service car wash earn?

A properly launched business, where a set of equipment, location, organization, marketing, is a profit of 60-70%. Then it all depends on the number of customers and business control, our WASH AND GO self-service car wash franchise can help you with this. Calculate according to the formula: (40 cars per post per day X average bill in the city) – 30% costs = profit

Self-service car wash business plan

A business plan for a self-service car wash must always be drawn up independently, the equipment manufacturer can only show how to do it right and what to look for. The seller will always say that you need his product. This self-service car wash business page is specially made to show all the introductory information for compiling a business plan and based on these data you will get the right real business plan.

Average self-service car wash profit

60-70% with a properly organized self-service car wash business

Self-service car wash costs

30-40% with proper organization of work and construction of the facility

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