Self-service vacuum cleaner for 2 posts 1

Self-service vacuum cleaner for 2 posts

The 2-station self-service vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the interior of two cars at the same time (or inflate tires, blow off), which saves the cost of installing other equipment. The vacuum cleaner is installed at gas stations and self-service car washes.

  • Dimensions – 320 x 1460 x 740 mm
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Material – stainless steel
  • Voltage – 400 V
  • Power – 3 kWt

A self-service vacuum cleaner with 400 V turbines (Italy) has a number of advantages over 220V taxes. The turbine and tank are separate parts of the vacuum cleaner, which allows you to organize the air flow without unnecessary turns and places where the line can become clogged. . In such a self-service vacuum cleaner, there is 1 turbine with a power of 3 kW in not 2 or 3 small turbines. The service life of such a vacuum cleaner is 2-3 more than that of a similar one.

What do we pay for ?


Housing anti-vandal (IP 65)
Anti-tear sleeve (6.5 m)
Information display
Turbine 400 V 3 kWt (Italy)
Tank 60l
Payment by banknotes
Payment with discount cards
Payment with coins/tokens
Payment by PAYCar app
In the presence of SRT
Vacuum cleaner program
Air blow program
Wheel inflation program
Rubber blackening program
Salon dry cleaning program (tornador)
Vacuum cleaner PRO LINE



  • Air blowing
  • Wheel inflation
  • Blackening rubber
  • Self-service dry cleaning
  • Refueling with windshield washer

How to calculate the number of vacuum cleaners for a self-service car wash? The number of dry cleaning posts should be at least equal to the number of washing posts, if you have a self-service car wash for 6 posts, then you need to install 3 self-service vacuum cleaners for two posts. You must understand that washing a car and cleaning salt is a different time, it takes an average of 15 minutes to wash a car, and cleaning the interior can take up to 30 minutes, especially if there are additional options on the vacuum cleaner: rubber blackening, dry cleaning, etc.

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    Self-service vacuum cleaner for two posts from WasherCAR

    Self-service vacuum cleaner for two posts from WasherCAR

    WasherCAR self-service car wash with a vacuum cleaner is a well-organized business that will bring profit on an ongoing basis. At the initial stage, the visualization of a self-service car wash and landing on the gene. plan, we analyze the location and settlement, which allows us to determine the optimal set of basic and additional equipment

    A self-service vacuum cleaner is an add-on. car wash equipment. A vacuum cleaner at a self-service car wash will increase the influx of customers and thereby increase profits. This is an outdoor construction made of stainless steel and moisture protection with a hose (6.5 m) and a silicone nozzle.

    Self-service vacuum cleaner – necessary to remove dirt and debris from the passenger compartment and trunk.

    You can buy a self-service vacuum cleaner through our managers, they will select the best equipment for you.

    The price of a self-service vacuum cleaner at the car wash depends on the number of programs and the type of payment.

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