Screen washer liquid -22 °C SCREEN WASHER (Bubble Gum) – WASHERCAR 1

Screen washer liquid -22 °C SCREEN WASHER (Bubble Gum) – WASHERCAR

Screen washer liquid -22 °C SCREEN WASHER (Bubble Gum) - WASHERCAR


    The professional winter glass washer -22 °C is designed for cleaning the glass and optical devices of the car from snow, ice, salt, dirt and road reagents. It is used at a temperature not lower than -22 °C. Due to its high-quality components, it is safe for the health of the driver and passengers. Ensures uninterrupted operation of windshield wipers without leaks and traces, effectively overcomes various types of pollution. Contains special substances that prevent freezing on the windshield at high speed. It guarantees high-quality cleaning, which directly affects road safety. Protects wiper blades and glass from abrasive wear. Safe for paint coatings, plastic, rubber. Prevents clogging and corrosion of the injection system. Economical to use, has a pleasant smell.

    Application: The ready-to-use solution should be poured into the windshield washer tank.

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