WasherCAR proposes the turnkey self-service car washes construction. Turnkey construction includes a single integrated solution and all the elements needed for businessmanagement. Choosing this service, you get a qualitative facility and insure yourself from ERRORS and underlying potential problems that normally arise during the construction process.


For better pricing understanding, we divided the construction process into stages, each of them includes the selection necessary elements. Using this calculator, you can calculate cost of each stageof turnkey self-service car wash construction. Including boiler equipment supplies neededfor implementing heated floor and mode of water heating options.
Obtained equipment: Project «PREMIUM» 2 washing posts, 0 concrete slabs, 0 warm floors
Obtained equipment set: 9 000


We propose not only a self-service car wash turnkey consturction, but a ready-made business model for generating guaranteed income from the very first days of launching.

  Stages of construction of your car wash


Site finding

It should be an optimally located area connected to all the utility services - e.g. parking, territory of shopping malls, gas stations, sites along the roadway, residential district


Conclusion of a purchase of equipment treaty

Visiting a ready-made self-service car wash. We will walk you through the detailes, explain all the business related subtleties and underlying potential problems. We will analyze your site and assist you in selecting an appropriate equipment set and shed production options consideringthe selected location and budget.


Selection of a professional vendor

А. We are in charge of construction
We cooperate with our partners to build your car wash – all these companies are licensed and specialize in self-service car washes construction.
• adjust the working project for the specific conditions requested by the client;
• we provide technical supervision.
B. We install a shed and a container only
We install our collapsible version of the shed and a technical container on a concrete slab prepared according to our standards. All other work you are doing by yourself.
• we create an individual project;
• we install the shed and technical container;
• we advice the vendor during the preparatory stage and subsequent stages of construction.
C. You are building, yet with our advice
You choose a contractor or you do the construction yourself.
• we do the facility visualization at the location


Equipment installation

Equipment and management modules installation supervision. Individual technical settings.


Getting a free "Wash and GO" franchise

You get a ready-made tried and tested marketing model for self-service car washwithout monthly royalty payments.


Launching your car wash

Our expertsrun the wash launching in a test mode first


Staff training

We educate our staff, we instruct our self-service operators regarding the standards of service delivery, and the peculiarities of work in winter.


Establishing the chemistry supplies

We start to supply our own active chemistry on a regular basis, or we can help you in selecting a good local chemistry supplier


You get a reliable partner with an extensive experience, and a warranty of further service.


We provide you with a professional advice on all issues


Our experience allows to protectyou from making mistakes, and help you to significantly increase your profits.


With our help you will have a leading position in the market, even in in tough competition conditions.



Who has ever been dealing with construction, knows how much time and efforts this process takes. We offer you to focus on business process and leave the rest of the work to the professionals. Turnkey construction is a solution for an investor who appreciates transparency, time, quality and warranty obligations.

With a wealth of experience in the construction of car washes, we know how to SAVE YOUR COSTS, and when is a need for a contribution.

There is a common though that turnkey construction requires a construction crew, but it is not true. A construction crew involvement is unviable and increases the total project cost. In practice, we involve an experienced engineer, who possesses all the necessary knowledge and skills, and, more importantly, who USES LOCAL VENDORS to complete the facility implementation task.

In case when car wash technical elements, such as sewage system, a slab with a slope and heating function, and load-bearing metal construction,were mounted with errors and disadvantages, they will have a negative effect on car wash operation processes, and causing a fair amount of functional problems, forcing to facility redo - and it is an expensive, complicated, and not always possible way.

During the implementation of facility with the limited budget, investrors often ignore the car wash external appearance, deciding to use low-quality and non-durable materials that start look poorly after six months of self-service car wash explotation. In order to attract more customers, it is important to have your self-service car wash looks respectable and totally different from all these "clumsy self-washes"; your car wash should ebsure a customer in reliability and high quality of provided services.

Based on our experience, we know a lot about appropriate materials and brand visualization. Our Turnkey construction package also includes the development of a unique visualization of your brand.

PLEASE NOTE: The Turnkey construction package DOES NOT include documentations and utility supplies.