Co-operation of investors for project implementation

A solution for those who want to invest in self-service sink, but does not have a sufficient budget. It is possible to do without the participation of banking organizations and leasing companies

Association of site owners with investors

If you have a land plot, but there is not enough investment for the implementation of such an object or vice versa: You are an investor who can not find a profitable plot with a purpose for self-service car washing - this solution is created specifically for you

Consideration of proposals for lease of land plots

If you have a land plot that meets the required parameters, we are ready to rent it for a long time under the network of Wash and GO self-service sinks.

Experience of joint investment

Sometimes it is very difficult to implement joint investment, and most importantly - to organize control over the equal distribution of financial profit. But thanks to VDC services and our joint investment experience, it's just getting bigger profits.

Construction of car wash under the key

When choosing a joint investment, many investors are trying to put the construction process on a third, often unprofessional developer, who is not familiar with them. conditions and details of the construction of car washes. The optimal package - "Turnkey" building WasherCAR - helps to correct the situation.