Self service steam generator 1

Self service steam generator

Non-contact engine steam car wash. Allows you to harmlessly and effectively wash the agile compartment of the car, clean the interior and ventilation compartments, and then disinfect. Thanks to the steam generator, you will clean the hard-to-reach places of your car, where a lot of dust and dirt usually accumulates. In addition, the installation of this equipment is a new type of self-service.

    For the minimum heating time and high power of the steam generator, you can carry out high-quality cleaning and disinfection of any car surfaces without the use of household chemicals. High-temperature dry steam will perfectly remove dirt, leaving no streaks or streaks.

    Made in stainless steel for outdoor installation. With the help of a special gun, steam is supplied for cleaning. The steam generator is a novelty in the market of touchless car washes, which will add uniqueness to your facility.



    • Powerful Performance
    • high steam pressure
    • Ease of use
    • Cleaning of both complex dirt and surfaces that require delicate treatment


    • 1 digital display
    • 3 payment methods: banknotes, coins/tokens,
    • plastic cards
    • bonus programs
    • online monitoring support, „VDC” service

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