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Launched self-service car wash in Azerbaijan

We launched a self-service car wash for 5 posts in one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan, Ganja. A few months ago, we announced the construction of a complex object. This is a very interesting project, because initially the construction took place in a ravine, where there was no possibility of supplying communications. But for us and our partner Parviz Samedov, this is not a problem. Heavy machinery was imported and tamped to make the surface even for the construction of a sink. Communications were also connected: water from a well, sewage with a cleaning system and electricity. Despite the difficult land plot, this project has come to life, and, moreover, is already fully operational. This is another proof that thanks to the coordinated actions of the company's specialists and the customer, nothing is impossible.

Our customer was able to realize this most difficult task with the help of the professional advice of the WasherCAR team, which includes: an architect, an engineer and other specialists of the company.

For several months now, the self-service car wash business has been actively developing and generating income for our partner. In this regard, we present you a video report on the self-service car wash activity in Ganja.

By the way, this is not the first car wash from WasherCar in Azerbaijan, our facility has long been launched in the capital of the republic - the sunny city of Baku.

We wish our partners continued success in the self-service car wash business.