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The launch of the facility in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Aktobe

Мойка самообслуживания в Казахстане

We launched a self-service car wash for 8 posts in the new city of Aktobe, where the cold climate prevails.

It was decided to build six completely closed posts with automatic gates and two open - for trucks, which will allow you to perform a comfortable washing of the car in all weather conditions.

Already on the first run of the equipment, a lot of car owners washed their car and got acquainted with the new self-service car wash Wash and Go.

Equipment in the configuration - ELITE 2017, but in the course of production, the order was additionally completed with new 2018.

Moreover, they installed the Mifare contactless plastic cards using NFC technology. Today, contactless payments are gaining popularity around the world, and our company does not lag behind the trends. The use of customer cards increases profits by 20–30% due to customer comfort and a multi-level discount system.

Another new product is the self-service steam generator WasherCar, made of polished stainless steel, waterproof and vandal resistant. It works with banknotes, coins and plastic cards of the client.

And all this was launched under the free international franchise Wash and Go, which has already spread to 7 countries of the world and continues to evolve.

Shooting amateur video from the first days of the car wash from our installers.