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We started to cooperate with gas stations "SKY"

In 2018 our company signed a cooperation agreement with the national network of petrol stations SKY (petrol stations of the SKY company have existed in Ukraine since 2013).

Modern gas stations have long ceased to be a place intended exclusively for fueling cars. Today it is a full-fledged urban infrastructure facility that provides a number of services.

Therefore a few days ago a self-service car wash was opened in the city of Dnipro on the territory of the SKY gas station. The object was made in an individual design "EURO CLEAN" for 6 posts, that is, the car wash serves 6 cars at the same time, allows customers to avoid queues and choose an individual washing mode.

Complete set MEDIUM, 8 basic programs. Additional services include online monitoring "VDC", financial monitoring, from additional equipment - a 2-post vacuum cleaner made of stainless steel.

Moreover our chemistry is also used at the car wash, which specialists have developed individually for WasherCAR, taking into account all the features of the chemistry's work with equipment and dosage.

It should be noted that the collaboration of gas stations and self-service car washes is an effective tool to increase the turnover of gas stations, which is gaining more and more popularity. Investments in this business allow us to expand the range of services offered for regular customers and attract traffic from new customers.

If earlier gas stations were only selling fuel, today they offer a wide range of services, because most gas stations have shops, snack bars, and now self-service car washes.

Today SKY is a full-fledged integrated car service center, which, of course, gives a large profit, and, thereby, refueling has the highest competitiveness.

Now the client calls in not only for high-quality fuel, but also for cleanliness!