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We continue to build new facilities under the WashAndGO franchise

This self-service car wash will be performed in the top-end "Pro+" configuration, with the PayPass contactless payment system - payment by bank cards at each post, as well as with the PAYCar mobile application.

All modern technologies and a wide range of additional equipment will be combined here, which, of course, will attract customers. So, for example, in addition to a 2-post vacuum cleaner with an additional "Blow" button, it will be possible to use a tire blackening machine and interior polish, an apparatus for washer fluid, equipment for cleaning car rugs, etc.

This year most of our customers order the maximum configuration. This is not surprising, because "Pro+" is not only a short payback period, but also the best competitiveness.

Today the self-service car wash business is gradually becoming oversaturated, so in order to attract and keep a customer at the car wash, you should keep up with the times: have a wide range of additional equipment, modern technologies, your own marketing system that provides discounts, accumulated points, cashback...

The construction of a turnkey self-service car wash for 6 posts is already at the finish line, so another modern facility in South-Eastern Ukraine will soon open!