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WasherCAR conquers Western Ukraine!

We made an announcement about the construction of a self-service car wash in Transcarpathia. Today this event took place, and we opened an object for 4 posts! Only a month ago there were installation works, and now there is a queue of clients!

Here we have set the maximum package, which provides a large selection of programs, a short payback period and high profits. This includes the economy system. Antifrost, online monitoring, VDC.

The new MCO is equipped with WasherCar novelties such as:

1) technical monitoring to track the technical condition of the sink;

2) Central terminal for the implementation of the payment system. Services: transaction accounting, "CRM", discount loyalty programs, etc .;

3) touch panel made in a stainless steel case.

"Premium" canopy, made of polycarbonate, does not contain raw welds, because all our metal structures are collapsible.

The exterior of the canopy certainly highlights the modern design of the self-service car wash.