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WasherCar at the international exhibition in Kiev

From 18 to 20 August in Kiev took place the exhibition "Autotechservice". Today it is the only international platform in Ukraine for car service professionals and after-sales car maintenance.

As you know, WasherCar is a constant participant in such large-scale events, at which we usually present our new products. Therefore, the Autotechservice 2020 exhibition was no exception.

This year we presented completely new solutions in the self-service car wash business:

  1. Two new series of control modules, one of which is the best complete set and has a modern plastic case, updated digital control. "X20" remotes are also characterized by a bright LED-screen, which shows not only the balance, but also a lot of additional information for the client.

  2. Apparatus for selling windscreen washer fluid and tire blackening in one housing.

3. Updated vacuum cleaner. Last time we made the self-service vacuum cleaner more powerful (instead of 220 V - 380), and now we have changed the appearance. Pay attention to the plastic roof. We believe that thanks to the streamlined shape and logo, the overall design of the vacuum cleaner now looks even more modern and presentable. We have also developed an additional function - a tornador, which, if desired, we can perform in the same housing with a vacuum cleaner. This innovation allows not only to save money on the purchase of a separate tornado apparatus, but also to leave more space in the car wash for other equipment.

4. AdBlue - a dispenser with a liquid for a diesel engine in an outdoor version. The equipment contains a reagent that is used to clean the exhaust gases of diesel engines.

Moreover, we have created our own line of chemistry of European quality, which we also presented at the exhibition.

If you want to do a profitable business, we recommend attending events of this format, because this is a great opportunity not only to evaluate the equipment, but also to get answers to questions. We, in turn, are open to dialogue and are always ready to advise you.