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WasherCAR at the exhibition "Petrol station"

WasherCAR took part in the famous exhibition "Petrol station", which took place in Warsaw (Poland). Such events are an excellent platform for exchanging information and news.

During this year we have already opened several self-service car washes in Romania, Moldova, and now we are heading for Poland. Imagine our developments are ahead of the technologies of European manufacturers! So for example we have had technical monitoring for several years now, when others still do not have the opportunity to remotely monitor the operation of self-service car washes, although this is one of the main priorities.

Many companies exhibited terminals and we also presented the Central Payment Terminal. But it turned out that only we have card billing and a mobile application.

Companies amaze with their overpriced prices. For comparison, we analyzed the price offers for sets of equipment of two configurations and noticed that in most cases the difference exceeds 60-70%!

At "Petrol station" we not only talked with potential investors, but also signed several contracts for further cooperation with Poland.

Clients from Europe are not ready to pay more, but want to purchase high-quality equipment at a reasonable price, as well as use new developments in their business. That is why WasherCAR follows the price-performance ratio.