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Construction of an incredible car wash in Azerbaijan, Ganja

The WasherCAR team prepared for you a photo report of the construction stages for our architectural project of the 6th WASHERCAR self-service car wash in Ganja, Azerbaijan.

We purposely singled out this particular project in order to show that there is nothing impossible. The construction was carried out in a ravine, where there was no possibility of supplying communications, but our new partner, Parviz Samedov, coped with this difficult task, despite all the difficulties. Many would say that it is almost impossible to implement the construction part on such a complex land plot, but thanks to the coordinated actions of the company's specialists and the customer, this project is being implemented.

In a short time, namely less than a month, heavy equipment was delivered to the ground and tamped, which eventually led to a flat surface for the construction of the wash, communications were also brought: water from a well, sewage with a cleaning system and electricity.

Our new customer was able to accomplish this most difficult task with the help of professional advice 24/7, the WasherCAR team, which includes an architect, an engineer and other company specialists.

This car wash is under construction, but we will keep you updated and update the news to show what seemingly unsolvable tasks can be solved by our partners and the WasherCAR team.


After preparing the site for construction, we began with the manufacture of a concrete slab with a supply of communications and water drainage for each post.






Watch for updates on this object, to be continued ...