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Self-service car wash with 5 posts made of stainless steel

4 months of construction and a high-tech turnkey facility is ready!

It took us exactly that much time to make a completely new solution in the self-service car wash business:

  • modern design

  • food grade stainless steel canopy

  • tempered glass partitions on which advertising materials were placed

  • a new series of control panels "X20" - a bright LED-screen, which shows not only the balance, but also a lot of additional information for the client, an ultra-modern plastic case, PayPass payment at each post, the PAYCar mobile application, as well as an updated digital control

Of course, like other top-end facilities, there is also a Central Payment Terminal, financial and technical monitoring and a wide range of additional equipment: 3 vacuum cleaners, tire blackening, a device for selling windscreen washer fluid.

Also at this facility we have implemented the entire marketing system for the client: accumulative loyalty system, cashback, payment by any bank cards, the "Wash more often" campaign, night discounts, holiday gifts and much more.

The result of our recent "Turnkey" work - see this video.