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Self-service car wash opened in Romania

The WasherCAR company steadily holds the position of the leader in sales of equipment for self-service car washes in Romania and Moldova. Therefore, one of these days another facility was opened in the city of Suceava (Suceava, Romania), but already for 8 posts and in the best configuration! The population of the city is over 105,000.

"Pro +". This includes the maximum range of programs and complete sets of non-contact washing. 8 washing programs, wall-mounted control modules, Mifare contactless plastic cards using NFC technology, pantographs with an enlarged pipe diameter, an InterPump pump (Italy), a Nicolini electric motor (Italy) with thermal protection on shock-absorbing cushions.

Also, this facility is equipped with a frequency regulation of AED 5.5 kWt Danfoss (Denmark), a set of solenoid valves, a chemistry dosing system with high-precision electronic control and a filtration element, a reinforced main hose, an OS-8 reverse osmosis system (dry running protection, electronic tank level control, automatic flushing system, chemical water softening, TDS meter).

Additional equipment: stainless steel vacuum cleaner for 2 posts with VDC service support, PENGUIN washstand with heating, sensor and cascade water drain. Moreover, two additional programs were installed on the vacuum cleaner - blowing air and blackening the wheels.

Technologies: online service "VDC" and financial monitoring.

Of course, such a package has a quick payback period and better competitiveness.

We wish our clients success in this profitable business!