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Self-service car wash leaders in Romania (video)

As you know we are actively working with the European market, so our equipment has long been found in Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.). And today we have become leaders in the sale of car wash not only in Moldova, but also in Romania!

In just a few months, we launched 5 objects, including a 3-post car wash in Cajvana (Kazhvana), an object with 4 posts in Gura Humorului (Gura-Humorului), a 2-post car wash in Suceava (Suceava), monoblock (self-service car wash for 1 post) in the village. Luncusoara (Lunkusoara), which is located in the county of Suceava and others.

We are pleased that Romania chooses WasherCAR among the sufficient choice of companies, because our equipment fully justifies the price / quality ratio, which cannot be said about expensive European manufacturers.

By the way now in Romania four more car washes are under construction, one of which is in the village. Campulung (Campulung).