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WasherCAR management visited plant partners in Italy

As you know, in our equipment we use only the best components from manufacturers: INTERPUMP (Italy), R + M (Germany), Nicolini (Italy), HeatMaster (Belgium), Danfoss (Denmark), CEME (Italy), Alberici (Italy) , ITL NV-9USB (England). This time, the management of WasherCAR visited the partner plants in Milan (Italy) and once again made sure that we are only supplied with quality products. During the trip, we got acquainted with the work of the enterprise and the specifics of manufacturing equipment and materials that we have been using in our production for more than 5 years.

Thus, the company's management visited INTERPUMP - the world leader in the production of hydraulics and pumps; I saw a huge enterprise, talked with the chief engineer of the plant. Italian components are not only reliability, but also a look into the future. The company strives to meet modern consumer requirements, maintain a high level of product quality and maintain trusting relationships with partners.

The working visit did not end there - the company management managed to visit the RA plant. This is one of the most promising factories for the production of self-service car wash accessories. Saw a huge automated line that resembles the future. The whole production process is fully automated, carried out by robots and it is really impressive!

Also visited the company MTM (factory for the production of fittings and accessories for self-service car wash) and Aquarama. Today Aquarama is an independent, dynamically developing enterprise that constantly introduces new technical and design ideas.

Moreover, the management of WasherCAR had interesting meetings with regard to contactless portals. Today the portal car wash is one of the most promising services. For example, in Europe and America, portal car washes are widespread and are located near gas stations, hypermarkets, services, and other mass locations.

We are pleased that the visit to Italy was not only interesting, but also productive, because we complemented the assortment as much as possible by selecting new components specially modified for self-service car washes. Also during the meeting, we concluded new contracts, confirmed our positions in the market.

WasherCAR company always keeps up with the times, tracking news in the automotive business and constantly developing new areas of its activities in order to be useful to the consumer.