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Re-equipment of a self-service car wash "Otto"

In the city of Khmelnitsky, a self-service car wash for 8 posts in the top-end "Pro+" configuration was launched. The population is about 300 thousand people.

Previously, this facility worked on other equipment, but due to the lack of modern technologies, the client turned to our company.

We, in turn, carried out a complete re-equipment, implemented our marketing system, launched payment with the PayCAR mobile application and installed the PayPass contactless payment system - payment by bank cards at each post.

Considering that a self-service car wash is a complex business, so at this facility you can not only wash your car using the latest technologies, but also fill in windshield washer fluid, vacuum the interior and much more. Additional equipment makes it possible to use all the services in one place and, of course, this very attracts customers to come to a modern car wash "Otto".

Remote monitoring technologies - VDC service, financial and technical monitoring.

We wish our clients success and prosperity!