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Receipt of components from our partners InterPump, Nicolini

The season of self-service car wash construction is in full swing, our customers are often involved in construction aspects and forget about pre-ordering equipment, bringing dozens of orders to us at the same time - this is why we replenish our stocks in warehouses! For this purpose, we have organized a new supply of Evolution E3B2515-wc pumps (manufactured specifically for WasherCAR) from our Italian partners InterPump and the most suitable Nicolini 5.5 kW electric motors (Italy).

The presence of all components from large assemblies to small parts and fittings allows us to carry out orders of any size and on time. Availability of spare parts makes our service fast and of high quality.

Using only the highest quality components, tested by time and our own experience, we believe that it is the top-end equipment of the main equipment that allows WasherCAR equipment to rapidly conquer the market.

We take care of our image and adhere to the rule that the best advertisement is the feedback from our customers about the equipment running to work.