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New clothespins for sample mats v2017

Surely everyone who is connected with the business of self-service car washes faced with such a small, but very important point as the wear of clothespins for rugs. After some time, the clothespin starts to rust because of what it loses its appearance, and the spring is loosened, ceasing to hold the mat. As a result, the client may receive significant discomfort at your facility. That is why our designers have developed a new, improved clothespeg for car mats on a self-service car wash.

Clothespin completely made of stainless steel and is not susceptible to corrosion. Reinforced spring and rubberized clamp allow the client car wash to securely fix the mat, while not damaging its structure. The stylish design and narrow shape of the clothespins allow placing them on the metalwork compactly, without disturbing the overall design.

Usability and reliability - these are the main criteria that guided the experts of the company WASHERCAR.