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New from WasherCAR, self-service steam generator

A team of engineers in a short period of time implemented this project. Work was done on the development of individual software, a selection of reliable components from global manufacturers, testing at various temperatures and maximum load.

The case is made of polished AISI 304 stainless steel, waterproof, warmed, and has an anti-vandal SPIDER lock. In the case there is a 6.5 kW industrial steam generator from the Italian manufacturer. Accepts banknotes, coins and plastic cards of the client, it is possible to retrofit the online monitoring system “VDC”.
Designed for safe washing of the engine compartment of the car, cleaning the cabin and cleaning the ventilation compartments with subsequent disinfection, in which there is a large accumulation of dust and difficult accessibility.

The steam generator is a novelty in the market of contactless sinks and will give uniqueness to your object. Undoubtedly, there will be many clients who will want to use this service and will inform their friends that a steam generator is installed on your car wash. Increases in profits throughout the car wash and the influx of new customers will not take long.

Cooperating with WasherCAR, you will receive a self-service car wash, which will have an advantage over competitors due to new, unique technologies and bright corporate design under the Wash and Go franchise.