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New reverse osmosis system "OS" v2017 WasherCAR

Система обратного осмоса для мойки самообслуживания WasherCAR

Reverse Osmosis System "OS-8" WasherCAR

We do not stand still, but constantly improve our products! Our designers presented a new version of the reverse osmosis system. The improved, improved version includes the simplicity and unpretentiousness of our system with new necessary functions, namely:

dry run protection;
electronic tank level controller;
automatic flushing system;
advanced control controller;
new flow meters for recirculation, concentrate, permeate (rotameter);
indication panel: inlet / outlet pressure gauges;
solenoid valves in the water supply and discharge lines;
solenoid automatic washing with purified water.
This system was developed taking into account the wishes of our customers, who over the past years have been using it in self-service car washes.