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New objects under the WashAndGO franchise

Expanding horizons throughout Ukraine - building new facilities under the WashAndGO franchise. Every year, the self-service car wash business gains rapid development, and today many of you understand that a timely investment can be the right step for a successful business.

When planning the construction process of a self-service car wash, trust only professional developers who know the technical conditions and all the features. Our "Turnkey" projects are high-tech facilities that can be found throughout the CIS and Europe, and the Wash and GO network is the first car washes in Ukraine, where bank card payments are successful.

By opening a self-service car wash under the WashAndGO franchise, we guarantee not only a reliable facility with an up-to-date design, but also maximum equipment protection, uninterrupted operation of components, full remote control thanks to financial and technical monitoring, as well as a loyalty system (a necessary tool for running modern business in a competitive environment) to retain customers and attract new ones.