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We have stocked equipment at WasherCAR stock.

WasherCAR is preparing for the winter season and fills the space on the shelves in the warehouse.
We are pleased to inform you that today a stock of equipment and materials has arrived at the warehouse so that we can quickly complete the assembly and production of your order.
With this delivery of equipment we have arrived: an electric motor Nickolini 5.5 kWt (Italy), accessories R + M (Germany), vacuum cleaners (3 turbines), as well as many different fittings.

Our team is ready for any difficult tasks and will be happy to assist in the implementation of your self-service car wash.
You can count on us as a reliable partner who will always fulfill his obligations and this does not depend on the season or workload.
Our stocks of components will cope with all the loads, and our employees are professionals in their field.