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Modern car wash in Odessa region

A self-service car wash for 4 posts was launched in Izmail (Odessa region), population - 70,000 people. The distance from Odessa is over 200 km.

Now this car wash is a modern one in the city, because in addition to the popular set of programs, the facility is equipped with the latest innovations of our company such as the Central Payment Terminal (CPT) for convenient payment by bank cards, the PAYCar mobile application.

Additional equipment: stainless steel vacuum cleaner for 2 posts, VDC online monitoring service, financial monitoring, water treatment (water softening) unit with automatic cleaning-regeneration.

The facility also has an Antifrost PLUS system (for full operation in winter), InterPump (Italy) hydraulic shock relief system, Danfoss 5.5 kWt frequency regulation (Denmark), OS-4 reverse osmosis (protection against dry stroke, electronic control of the level in the tank, an automatic flushing system).

High-quality equipment, a wide range of additional services, attractive individual design - all this, of course, is about the "Autopena" self-service car wash!