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Launched the second facility in Vinogradov

Another self-service car wash was opened in Vinogradov, which is located in the southern part of the Transcarpathian region. The population is about 26,000 people. Distance to Uzhgorod is about 100 km.

6 months of successful work, high-quality equipment from WasherCAR, daily high profits helped the owner to make the right choice - to expand his business by ordering equipment for the second facility for 2 posts from us.

  • Complete set "BASE"

  • 5 main washing programs (cleaner, foam, water, wax, osmosis)

  • set "Antifrost PLUS" for comfortable work in winter (protection of lines from freezing of liquid inside)

  • online monitoring service "VDC", financial monitoring

Additional equipment: reverse osmosis system "OS-4", a water treatment (water softening) unit with automatic cleaning-regeneration, as well as chemistry of our production "ACTIVE SELF TOP".