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Launched the second facility in Izmail

We have already launched the second self-service car wash in Izmail (Odessa region), but this time with the PayPass contactless payment system - payment by bank cards at each post.

The population of the city is 70,000 people. The distance from Odessa is over 200 km.

Complete set of equipment "MEDIUM":

  • wall-mounted control modules

  • 8 basic washing programs

  • accepting plastic cards Mifare with NFC technology

Additional equipment: a vacuum cleaner for 2 stainless steel posts, VDC online monitoring service, financial monitoring, a water treatment unit (water softening) with automatic cleaning-regeneration, as well as our chemistry "ACTIVE SELF TOP".

Also installed at the facility is the Antifrost PLUS system (full-fledged operation of the facility in winter), InterPump water hammer relief system (Italy), frequency regulation 5.5 kWt Danfoss (Denmark), reverse osmosis OS-4 (dry running protection, electronic control level in the tank, automatic flushing system).