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Launched several new facilities in Romania

For many years WasherCAR has been a leader in the sales of self-service car wash equipment in Romania and Moldova. Therefore, in August we launched several facilities, including one in the small town of Câmpulung Muscel (Romania). Population - 30 thousand.

Self-service car wash for 5 posts was performed in the middle configuration "MEDIUM". This is a recommended set of equipment with 8 washing programs, wall-mounted control modules, Mifare contactless plastic cards using NFC technology, InterPump (Italy) pump, Nicolini (Italy) electric motor and other high quality equipment. MEDIUM has a short payback period and better competitiveness.

Among the technologies are the remote online service "VDC" and financial monitoring.

It's nice that Romania constantly chooses WasherCAR, and our equipment fully justifies the price / quality ratio, which cannot be said about other European manufacturers.

We wish our customers success and rapid profitability in the self-service car wash business!