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Launched a self-service car wash with the PayPass contactless payment system

The first self-service car wash in Ukraine was opened with the PayPass contactless payment system - payment by bank cards at each post, as well as with the PAYCar mobile application. An object for 6 posts was launched in Kharkov under the name "Bubble Car".

Top grade "Pro+". This includes the maximum range of non-contact washing programs. 8 programs, wall-mounted control modules, contactless plastic cards Mifare using NFC technology, pantographs with an enlarged pipe diameter, InterPump pump (Italy), Nicolini electric motor (Italy) with thermal protection on shock-absorbing cushions.

The sink is equipped with WasherCAR equipment, the construction was carried out according to our standard project. The canopy is a metal frame, in which the hot-dip galvanizing method was used as the best way to protect the metal from corrosion. The metal structure is sheathed with composite and equipped with bright lighting. The partitions between the posts are tempered glass.

All modern technologies and a wide range of additional equipment are combined here, which of course attracts customers even more. So, for example, in addition to 2-post vacuum cleaner with additional buttons "Blow" and "Inflate wheels", you can use a tire blackening machine and interior polish, a device for washer fluid, equipment for cleaning car rugs, etc.

In addition our company has developed individual control boards, thanks to which you can remotely configure equipment. In particular, you can easily change the settings of the control module, for example, change the supply of foam with warm water to cold, and all this can be done from anywhere in the world.

WasherCAR engineers have individually developed for this car wash an automatic pump flushing, an electrical cabinet without relays and much more.

This car wash also has an Antifrost system, which is included in the "Pro+" package, InterPump water hammer relief system, high pressure emergency safety valve, automatic system for switching the high pressure machine to sleep mode, valve system for economical supply of chemistry R + M (Germany) , reverse osmosis system for the training of demineralized water "OS-8".

Remote monitoring technologies - VDC service, START financial and technical monitoring.

Now construction work is underway on the second object of the Bubble Car network.

We wish our clients success in this profitable business!