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Launched a premium self-service car wash!

You have more than once seen the stages of construction of an MSO for 6 premium posts: underfloor heating, installation of a canopy and installation of equipment. And finally, we are ready to present you this unique object, in which all the latest technologies and novelties have been applied!

Canopy "FUTURE". Collapsible design, where hot-dip galvanized was applied. The wiring is hidden in the metal frame.

Posts. Now the size of the posts is 5.5x6.5 m, so it is more comfortable to use the washing services. Partitions - tempered glass.

Equipment. The maximum set of ELITE equipment. Touch-sensitive consoles measuring 22 inches, pantographs with an enlarged pipe diameter and a beautiful box.

Technology. Technical monitoring and financial, PAYCar application for online payments, participation in a loyalty program, receiving discounts, etc.

We also increased the area of the technical room (6x5 m!), Which makes it possible to practically arrange the equipment and create a workplace for the operator.

Moreover we installed a drainage pump (40% of water is returned for reuse), we laid a "smart" warm floor - each post is heated individually.

If you want the drivers to come only to you, please contact us and we will help you to carry out any project!