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2 post vacuum cleaner for self-service car wash

Today, our team has prepared for you a video review in which you can see the possibilities and advantages of installing additional equipment on your car wash, namely, a 2-stage self-service vacuum cleaner.

The desires of your and our clients in additional cleaning options not only for the external body of the car, but also inside the cabin, can be accomplished with the help of such a useful implementation as a self-service vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is two guards, which significantly saves the cost of installing a useful addition, namely the cost of money resources and free space in the washing area.

The convenience of using the vacuum cleaner and the quality of the work done by the hands was checked by the WasherCAR team, so we can confidently guarantee the appropriateness of installing this type of equipment to obtain a new range of possibilities for high-quality car cleaning from your regular and new customers, the increase in which will become apparent after such useful innovations on your car wash self-catering.

WasherCAR also offers you to try another way to modernize your self-service car wash, which will help bring your business to a new level and attract a new sector of customers.

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