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New self-service car wash from WasherCAR in Moscow region

We bring to your attention a video review of the new 8th wash of self-service wash WASH and GO in the ELITE equipment package, which is located in the Moscow region, Serpukhovo, Borispolskoe highway district 120.

The construction of the object was carried out with a single-shed roof, and the partitions between the posts are banners with instructions for using washing programs. All this has a harmonious and presentable appearance.

Equipment in the best configuration: control module of polished stainless steel in the floor version, electric frequency control panel from Danfoss, high pressure apparatus (Interpump pump with Nicolini electric motor), dispensers for each chemistry and electrovalve from SEME (Italy) and all that installed on a galvanized frame structure (polymer painting).

Also installed: water treatment system (water softening), OS-8 reverse osmosis system, R + M car wash brush. For the implementation of a warm floor and the program "warm water" was used double-circuit boiler from the company HeatMaster (Belgium)

Separately, a zone is allocated for two 2-post stainless steel self-service vacuum cleaners with an additional Air program.

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