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Water-softening system for up to 4 posts

An electronically controlled softener system cleans water from traces of calcium, magnesium and other metals, and hence lowers the water rigidity level to normal values.

As is well known, hard water has destructive interaction with detergents which increases autochemical goods consumption and their purchase value. Also, ignoring filters usage after car washing results in remained stains on the car body. Which is whya water softening system should be installed. It is especially recommended in case when water extraction comes from public waterwork system or from a water supply well, because such water might contain other pollutants, such as sand, clay, rust, and they reduce the effectiveness of car washing.


  • Fully expands auto chemical goods detergency. You can see instruction to use softened water for achieving a maximally cleaning effect in the manufacturers' recommendations on the use of any professional detergent.
  • Significantly reduces the amount of auto-chemical goods consumption. In some instances, such as, for example, at car washes that work on water from wells, the chem consumption decreased by 30-40% after softening water systems installation.
  • Improves the quality of car washing process, which is clearly seen from comparison with a car wash which is working on a regular (hard) water. Washed varnish-and-paint surfaces shine as brand-new, having no white stains which cause dye and rubber seals damages; reduces corrosion on chipped areas.
  • Provides long-term uninterrupted operation of carwash equipment. Prevents washing equipment surfaces from the formation of calcium salts and premature wear and tear.



  • HxWxD: 300x300x1200 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg

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